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Watching dramas like the rest of us, the B2ST members had a thorough discussion about KBS’ recently ended drama, Discovery of Romance.


On October 16, B2ST participated in Naver’s Star Cast, Soon, 12:30 ahead of its album comeback. During the live talk, the B2ST members were asked…

S Autumn Breeze // Shin Hyesung


'S' Mnet Countdown Comeback Stage Teaser (Oct 23)  and

Lee JiHoon IG update [#S #Magazineshoot In there, there’s Venus & Mayo, try to find them]


Eric Mun, forever protecting Shinhwa OT6 (…and being annoying)
- 2014 PuPu Asia’s Idol Popularity Entertainment Awards Concert Greeting


The way Eric looks at the marker pen, & the way he gives it to the other man is soo cute.. How old is he exactly!! Ageless cuteness!!
Maybe marker pens don’t exist on his planet, Mr. ET-Ric xD


141013 ♥Eric♥ at S60 R-Design fansign event
fancam HJ K