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Everyone knows Dongwan is preparing for his return as “Deng-dwig” in Hedwig right? He’ll be back soon!

- 2014-07-23 Song Hansaem Twitter update
translation by malpabo.tumblr.comk


2017.07.22 Discovery of Romance: Shinhwa Eric & JungYumi’s Selfies

OMG why sooo cute?!  Grass in you mouth Mun Jung Hyuk?  :)

     Source: Bliss Media

Anonymous whispered: 45:Where am I right now? 58:What’s my strangest talent? 69:Do I have any nicknames? 81:My top 5 blogs on tumblr


45: At home, sitting on butt, doing nothing. AS USUAL. 

58: I use to stick my hand in ice water and not feel cold or any pain, I really freaked out the kids in my 2nd grade class during winter. (Unfortunately I can’t do this anymore orz.)

69 (I see you <( ̄︶ ̄)>) : Yazzie. I don’t have many nicknames, haha. 


  1. spacegirlblues A 90’s kpop mecca, would totally recommend you follow her if you’re into any first generation bands. Plus her Myeonghun obsession is really cute.
  2. hearts-shinhwa Blog does extremely nice Shinhwa edits/gifs.
  3. tambling-tambling The best Shinhwa troll-er I know. His or Her’s posts always make me laugh. 
  4. mysidianrabbit Does very nice fan art, her palette challenge drawings are really pretty. (Which reminds me I have to finish mine >_>) 
  5. changbro The owner of this blog is secretly a horse, shhh. Also, her “Hyesung throwing shade” series will have you in stitches. 


OMG You’re too sweet :33 There are a lot others better than me >< still, thank you :))

"What if Shin Hye Sung played as the female lead for Discovery of Love?"
- my mind is twisted. (via dramatroll)